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The Index Masterclass

Premium investment training for busy Europeans. 

Become a confident passive investor in just a few weeks – no matter where you live in Europe!

✅ Everyone knows index funds and ETFs are the smartest way to invest. But for European investors, getting started can be tricky

❌ American funds and brokerages are not available here. 
❌ There are 30+ different tax systems across Europe.
❌ It’s difficult to choose among the thousands of different ETFs and index funds available.

In The Index Masterclass I solve this problem for you. 

In just a few weeks you will go from 0 to invested in your own index or ETF portfolio – no matter where you live in Europe. 🚀

To find out more, sign up for my online training “ETFs Made Easy” – it’s the first major module of the masterclass, available to anyone for free!

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See what our program members are saying 👇

“The Index Masterclass gave me the confidence I needed after years of apathy towards investing. Within a few weeks, I designed my first ETF portfolio and personally invested a significant amount of money!"

Gabriel Y. W. Zhang
Analytics manager, Wayfair

"I wanted to invest in ETFs, but wasn't sure how to choose from the thousands of funds and many different brokerages out there – or how to deal with taxes. The Index Masterclass saved me enormous effort (and money likely spent on trial and error)."

Rolands Mesters
Co-Founder at Nordigen

"The program not only taught me about ETFs, but gave me a good view of the big picture of passive investing. It has been a positive surprise because now I feel I have a solid background when making my investment decisions."

Haresh Chulani
Electronical engineer

"A friend told me — just buy one ETF every month and you're good. But how can you trust your financial future to something you don’t fully understand? After completing Tom's program, I finally know what I'm doing. I’m proud of myself because I’m investing in my future!"

Technical Product Owner, BOSCH

“The Index Masterclass solved a challenge that I had for almost 5 years. I wanted to invest my free money without spending a lot of time doing it. With this Masterclass, I finally learned how to invest responsibly and passively."

Peter Bodnieks

"I estimate it would have taken me 2-3 years to find all this information by myself. "

Valerij Barishev
ESELO LLC Managing director

"I really appreciated all the practical tools [...]. Everything you need to take action as quickly as possible!"

Kristap Skapars
Colliers International Deputy director

"I have a degree in finance so the theoretical parts of the masterclass were not new to me. But the class provided an excellent guide to the practical process of investing – choosing a brokerage, figuring out taxes, buying funds. After finishing the program I'm finally ready to put my theoretical knowledge into practice."

Egija Gailuma
OX Drive, Co-Founder

We take your success seriously.

The Index Masterclass is not just me doing video trainings. At Crosshill Global Solutions LLC we have a team working hard to take care of you:

So join our free online training and discover how easy investing can be! 👍

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