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Tom Crosshill

Hi! I'm Tom Crosshill.
I’m an investment trainer, entrepreneur and fiction writer.

I help busy Europeans become confident passive investors through a practical, step-by-step training program called The Index Masterclass.

On this site you’ll find cool resources, articles and videos to help you grow your wealth and gain financial freedom.

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Why listen to me?​

Although I’m European, I started my career on Wall Street in New York, at investment banks UBS and Scotia Capital.

Later I moved back to Europe and co-founded the successful investment company INDEXO, which today has over 100 thousand clients and is traded on Nasdaq Baltic.

Today I’m a full-time investment and personal finance trainer. I help Europeans change their financial lives through my training program The Index Masterclass.

Oh, and I also write books – my fiction has been published in 10 languages!

Tom Crosshill

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